A New Category of Truly Sustainable Products Where Technology Aligns with Nature

Leading the Injection Molding Industry with Earth-Friendly Starches!

Revolutionizing a Next Generation of Plant-Based, Biodegradable, Alternatives to Plastic!

Affordable, Plant-based, Biodegradable and Earth-Friendly


camera and lens


Light, durable and suits a variety of products

plastic toy pieces


From snap-n-fit blocks to toy cars and more.

disposable dental products


Single use and highly disposable care products

plastic straws


Custom parts, gadgets and assembly pieces

plastic parts


Untold millions small parts and attachments

plastic surgical tools


Common household containers, steps and more!

About NextGen Polymers

NextGen Polymers Incorporated is the first and only company able to deliver both affordable-and-sustainable plant-based, annually renewable starches for the injection molding industry. Our bio-based resin creates a new category of truly sustainable earth-friendly products at a much lower cost.

NextGen Polymers’ revolutionary solution uses low cost sustainable starches as its primary raw material. These starches are amongst the world’s most abundant biomasses in nature and often landfilled at tremendous costs. Our patented revolutionary technology combined with bio-based starch wastes can lead to a disruptive solution for the injection molding industry.

Starch-Based Solution to Petroleum-Based Plastics

Our planet is being choked by dangerous plastics, almost 360 million tons of plastic is discarded every year. Petroleum-plastics has left harmful and long-lasting imprints on the environment and perhaps humans, animals and plants. These synthetic toxics can take hundreds to even thousands of years to break down, affecting all organisms in our food chain. The negative impact on the Earth is reaching a dangerous tipping point.

NextGen’s Compostable-Durables™ represents a new and unique solution not offered by any other company today.


A New Path Forward

NextGen Polymers are designed to leverage this transformational shift with our revolutionary, starch-based, non-petroleum solutions that are state-of-art, affordable, and will have a global impact as a proven replacement for petroleum plastics.

Goodbye plastic, hello NextGen!

A Starch-Based Solution for all Industries

These pellets are made from bio-based starches and are used for the manufacturing of NextGen consumer goods through Injection molding. Our patented, revolutionary starch polymer technology produces plastic-looking products that deliver unique competitive advantages: affordable, plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable.

Starch-Based Pellets for Injection Molding

NextGen starch polymer pellets are branded under the name NextGen Starches™

NextGen Starches™ is a revolutionary sustainable solution designed to achieve competitive advantages:

● Lower carbon footprint than plastic

● Less carbon emissions than plastic production

● Biodegradable and compostable

● Strong and durable as petroleum plastic

● Patented cost-effiecient manufacturing process

● Patent Protection: product formulations and designs

● World first injection molded sustainable starch-based replacement for petroleum

resin pellets

● Management team: 100 years plus years working with starches

● Made in the USA

Join The Earth-Friendly Revolution.

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